Saturday, November 29, 2008

Leaving Disney

What a sad ending to such a great week! We have loved this time together as a family after such a hectic few months. Evan is already planning to bring Sydney back when she is 5 so she will tall enough to ride most of the rides.

Last Day

We slept in this morning since we were wiped out from staying out so late at the Christmas Party. We decided to go back to the Magic kingdom for our last day and try to catch Ariel - Evan's favorite. We went back and rode Evan's favorite rides, one of which was the Tea Cups. I didn't go this time, so Mike was able to spin them so fast non-stop.

Disney Day 5

We started our day at the Animal Kingdom. We wanted to ride Mount Everest but Evan is just not tall enough yet. She's excited to ride it next time. The safari took us in a big truck into a wildlife reserve that was awesome.
After a nap at the hotel, we went back to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. If you ever have an opportunity to go, take it! This place is even more magical after dark with the Christmas ambience. The lights were amazing and there were stations set up with hot chocolate, cookies, apple juice and apple slices. Who needs dinner?
Evan's favorite rides were Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Haunted Mansion (now that we are home and there is no danger of having to go again).

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just a Few More

New Friends

Evan's Pearl

While we were in Japan, Mike wanted to buy Evan a pearl and let her see how they were harvested. She got to pick the oyster and watch it go from from a plain pearl to a necklace. It was really cool to watch!


We loved spending time in China at Epcot. It felt like you were really there. The souvenir shop sold the same things. We were watching a 360 degree movie on China when we looked down to see Evan had gotten her head stuck. It was pretty funny! We ate lunch in China so Evan got to practice using chopsticks.

Pictures From Around the World

We were not prepared for how cool the weather was. We were going to Florida, for Pete's Sake, so who would have thought we'd need to pack coats. Mike and Evan were OK, but I had to borrow from Mike to stay warm. Still, I would rather go with temps in the 50s than 80s and 90s.

Epcot - Disney Day 4

I thought that we would be able to spend just a few hours at Epcot and see everything. I was planning on an early evening so we could get some much needed rest. I was so wrong! We stayed until closing. It took us all day, but we went around the world - Mexico, Germany, China, Japan, Morocco, America, Canada, Italy, France, Norway, and I'm sure there were more. Evan has started taking pictures, so we now have proof that Mike and I went on this trip together. We rented a stroller to use all week to have a place for Evan to rest and to keep our stuff. I have been so amazed that you can leave the stroller WITH your belongings while you walk around or ride some rides, and it is still there when you come back! This is the coolest place!

Look Who We Met!

We ran into Cinderella's stepmother and her stepsisters on the way to Cinderella's castle. They played their parts so well and were quite rude that Evan didn't want to meet them. Like good parents, we made her.

A Day of Firsts

After breakfast we rode the Mad Tea Cups. I do not like to spin - it makes me very sick especially after I've eaten. My sweet husband and sweet daughter thought it would be very funny to spin the tea cups as fast as they could. I didn't think I would be able to get off that ride quickly enough! This was the first time Evan had really ever ridden any rides, so we weren't sure what she would like. She pretty much likes everything! The Merican Round (Merry-Go-Round) is still her favorite, though. She drove a car for the first time. Luckily it was on a track and all I had to do was push on the gas; however, she was all over the place because she couldn't get the hang of steering. She kept saying the car was broken! She loves rollercoasters, too.
The theme for Disney is 'Year of a Million Dreams", so they do a lot of small things in between the cool, grand prizes. While we were in a Christmas Shop, a deaf employee came up to us and motioned for Evan to put an ornament on the tree and then write her name on a link to attach to a chain. He then gave her a certificate letting us know that she had just participated in one of the 'dreams'. It was kind of cool.

Look Who Else Joined Us for Breakfast!

In case you aren't well-read in princesses, the one in pink is Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty). It took me a while to figure out who she was.

Breakfast with Cinderella - Disney Day 3

We have been waiting for this day for 6 months. Reservations for this event are very hard to get, so I got up early on the first day we could make reservations and started working the phone to make sure we would be able to have breakfast with Cinderella. It was worth it! First of all, it was the best meal of the whole vacation! During breakfast some of the princesses walked around to greet you. Our waiter used a phrase that I am trying to get Mike to incorporate into his everyday speech - "Anything for the queen." That doesn't sound unreasonable, does it?
We were so worn out. No one ever told me Disney World was hard work! We got up early almost every day and went full speed all day! Evan was great, though. The hardest part was keeping her awake long enough to make it to dinner after we left the park or to the hotel.