Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Red River Revel

Playing with Balloon Swords

We always enjoy going to the Revel every year. We eat trashy food, look at some interesting art, and have fun in the children's area. Sydney is a little too young to participate in some of the crafts, but she did get to take part in the bookwalk. She and Evan also made suncatchers (Evan's just fell apart after almost a year). Sydney kept piling on jewels and sequins. She must have used $5 worth of material! I apologize for the poor picture quality (I'll blame Mike since her took them). I don't know what happened. As we were leaving, Sydney decided she wanted to pose like Evan. We couldn't keep her still, but then again we were laughing so hard we couldn't get any good shots. Rest assured, Sydney has plenty of personality. We will definitely be in trouble when she finally breaks out of her shell!!
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National Night Out

Sydney adores her Uncle Patrick
The mock jail at Remington


Mike and his brother Patrick have started teaching Criminal Justice part-time at Remington College. Mike really enjoys it and will probably choose this as his second career. Remington hosted a National Night Out for its instructors, students and the community. We had a great time talking with others on such an awesome night. We toured the inside of the building that has a mock courtroom, jail and crime scene lab.
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Our girls adore each other. I am so glad that they get along so well. Evan takes such great care of Sydney, and Sydney lights up when Evan comes around - usually. Evan fell asleep on the way home, and Sydney pretended to fall asleep. She just couldn't wipe the smile off her face. Of course, part of the reason for the smile is because she had her bear in her arms. We hear what almost sounds like bow a million times a day.
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A Day in the Park

We had planned on going to Sci-Port last weekend, but the Red River Revel (an arts festival) prevented us from getting downtown. So, we went to the park. We were only able to stay about 30 minutes before Evan got sick, but I got quite a few pics. Evan wanted to match her sister, so she dressed them. Other than the fact that Evan wore very old clothes, she did a pretty good job. We've done a bad job of taking Sydney to the park, which is such a shame because she absolutely loves it!
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