Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy 14th Anniversary!

I'm a little late on posting this, but Mike & I celebrated our 14th anniversary this past Wednesday. My how time does fly! Although I was 24 and Mike was 28 when we married, we've grown up a lot. It is kind of scary to look back at pictures, so I will not be posting any. Since we will be getting new wood floors soon, we decided not to get each other gifts. We would just go to dinner. I can remember as a child always going to dinner with my parents for their anniversary and how special I felt to be included; therefore, we always take Evan with us. Mike made reservations but wouldn't tell me where we were going. We ended up at Bistro 6301 and had a fantastic meal! Mike & I both had a Fried Green Tomato Salad with mesclun, pecans and a blue cheese vinaigrette. It was very unusual but very good, as was the rest of the meal. Evan was very well-behaved. We decided to go to the Boardwalk to Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro for dessert. We got our cheesecake to go and took Evan to ride the Merican Round (Merry - Go - Round for those of you who aren't too fluent in Evanese). We got back to the van and realized that instead of Mike taking the keyless remote off my keychain as usual, he left it on. And instead of my carrying a purse with my cell and keys in it as usual, I left it in the van. We had no cellphones because Mike had accidentally left his at home. We tried my neighbors phone but could not remember her number. No one was home at Patrick's house, so we ended up eating our cheesecake outside in the very muggy heat while waiting on Pop-A-Lock. Coincidentally, he was the same Pop-A-Lock guy we saw on our way in to the Boardwalk parking garage. Both Mike & I thought to ourselves how you lock your keys in your car? I will now carry my purse EVERYWHERE we go! Are you beginning to see a theme with my last two posts? Maybe I should stop judging......?

Why is Krazy Glue so Krazazy??

I'll tell you why! Unsuspecting victims like myself fall prey to the hole at the end of the cap! Evan's mermaid Barbie had a little accident and lost the fin off of her tail a week or so ago. I finally made it home from the store with several single use tubes of Krazy Glue, so I set out to fix her. The pieces of Barbie were so small that I had a terrible time of holding them AND getting glue on them and not me. Finally, I got enough on it to hold for a while. I'm putting the cap back on the glue thinking about what poor schmuck would actually glue her fingers together and how awful that would be ..... when.... you guessed it ..... I'd just become that poor schmuck! My thumb was firmly glued to the second digit of my forefinger. My first reaction was to panic and call my dear friend Julie from across the street to tell me what to do! Then I decided to read the directions. Just in case this ever happens to you, fingernail polish remover with acetone is the best liquid to soak in!
Did you think this was funny? Well there is more to the story. Mike worked most of the middle of the week, so neither Evan nor I remembered to tell him. When we did, he decided to put some more glue on Barbie. He left the lid off (as men usually do), so I came behind to clean up. It was not until I had ALMOST done the same thing again that Mike told me there was a hole in the top of the cap. The moral of my story is : don't EVER use Krazy Glue! Just buy a new Barbie.