Monday, December 28, 2009

Arrival at the North Pole

About halfway through the trip we slowed to a crawl just in time to see the beautiful lights of the North Pole. This was one of the most magical moments! We stopped to pick up Santa and then sang Christmas songs until he entered our car. As soon as we saw the North Pole, Evan told me that this was definitely the real Santa. She kept watching the door for Santa to come. As soon as she saw him, she told me to sit across from her by Mike so Santa could sit down beside her. What a cunning little girl! When he walked by, Santa sat beside her long enough to let us take a picture. The elves gave her her very own sleigh bell. She was quite excited to get that and rang it all night. Not long after we picked up Santa the rain started coming down and didn't stop until we made it home. This was a great trip!
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Aboard the Polar Express

Once the train started rolling, we had lots of time as a family and great entertainment. The 'chefs' served hot chocolate and cookies to everyone. Then they told the story of the Polar Express. Evan was having such a great time and was so excited! This was Chef Carolyn who had a thing for Mike's shaven head. She would touch his head each time she passed. She put on her Rudolph nose and antlers in preparation for Santa....
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Waiting for the Polar Express

We drove to Palestine, Texas two days before Christmas to ride the Polar Express. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive but well worth it. We didn't hit any severe weather, but there were quite a few tornadoes that touched down in the surrounding areas. As you'll see from the next several posts, this was such a magical trip. It will have even the greatest of skeptics believing in Santa.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Evan's Letter From Santa's Elf

Here is the text of Evan's letter from Santa's elf:

Dear Evan,
My name is Sprinkles and I am two feet tall with bright orange hair. I am the head gymnastics elf. I hear you like gymnastics, too. I get to teach all the other elves how to do gymnastics.
I am going to try my hardest to get you everything you want. If I bring you some magic stuff, you have to promise you will show me some of your tricks sometime. I want a My Twinn Doll too, but they don't make any with orange hair. My older sister has many Littlest Pet Shop toys, and I love to play with them. I hope I can get you some this Christmas. Santa is working hard to get every little boy and girl everything they want - including you.
Santa has requested some carrots and milk this year, it is his favorite. That would really help him lose some weight. Donner loves the reindeer food y'all leave out every single year, so don't forget to leave out some reindeer food.


PS. Tell MiMi, PaPa, Big Girl, Granpa Russell, Grandma Jean, and your Mom and Dad I said hello!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


We took Evan to see Santa yesterday. Remember I said a few posts back that she believes all these santa's are actually helpers for the real Santa? Well, it's a good thing because of what happened. We go to the Bass Pro Shop because they have an awesome setting and Santa (oh, and did I mention they take your picture for free?). We're waiting in line and Evan says that this is not the real Santa. I'd gone to a few days before and had an email sent to her from Santa. So she doesn't really feel a need to talk to him, but I need a good picture for 2009. We snap the picture and he asks her what she wants. After telling him a My TWINN doll and a few other things, he tells her that he will pass it along to Santa. Pass it along to Santa? What? I sure am glad we had that one covered!

PS. Mike is carrying her because I insisted she wear the clogs that match her outfit. They are a little big so it takes her FOREVER to walk!

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Special Delivery from the North Pole

We had a great Kindergarten Christmas party. The children ate treats, did crafts and had a special delivery. Mrs. Booker had a 6th grade English class write letters from Santa (or one of his elves) to each child. The daughter of a friend of mine actually got Evan's, and it turned out so cute! (I'll update the blog with a copy of the letter as soon as she gets to bring it home.) Anyway, the envelope had been put in the freezer so the children would get to feel how cold it was - straight from the North Pole. It was awesome to see how each letter had been personalized with each child's traditions and wants (an information sheet had been sent home a few weeks before to aid in the writing of these letters.) What a memory!
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Little Evie Loo Whoo

It was Grinch day at school today. I tried to tease and spray Evan's hair so it would stick up. I had to put her in front of Mike's white patrol car so you could see it. As soon as she got to school it had fallen. She sure did look cute at home, though.
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Most Improved Gymnast

Twice a year Evan's gymnastics class has a mini awards ceremony. This is mainly to take stock in what skills each girl has earned or improved on and what is left in her particular level. Evan is 12 skills away from completing level 1 and received the 'Most Improved' award. She is the youngest in her class and has only spent 7 months in this class. We have been told that her fundamentals are great. She always has pointed toes and tries to put strength and speed in every skill. You might notice the big red circle on the end of her nose. She was Rudolph at school today and refused to let me wash the paint off before gymnastics.
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Sugar Plum Fairy Luncheon & Nutcracker

The Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet does an outstanding performance of the Nutcracker every year. The teachers are specially trained with impressive certifications and do a beautiful job putting the whole performance together. They mix their students from 5 to high school age with their own work and then bring in true professionals. Evan & I went to the benefit which is a luncheon where we can mix with some of the cast. We just happened to sit with Brooklyn and her dad. Brooklyn is a year older than Evan but they are from the same orphanage. We do not have a chance to see her much, so this was pretty cool. After the luncheon we went to the performance. We both really wanted a nap but were so mesmerized by the show. I thought that Evan would decide to pursue dance instead of gymnastics after this show, but she still wants to do gymnastics. She said she really enjoyed the show but does not want to make it a tradition. I huess we'll have to figure out something else for next year.
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The First Santa Sighting of the Season

Evan got to see Santa at our church Christmas party. They had the children on stage singing when he walked in. She believes that there are a lot of helpers who pose as Santa to help out poor old Santa Claus, so she wasn't that excited. I think she was more excited for the candy she got.
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Man's Best Friend

We had a very sad weekend. We had to put Meko to sleep on Friday. She was our baby for 7 years before Evan came along. She's been the best dog in the world to us. Immediately upon coming inside the house, she would let us clean each paw before moving onto the carpet. She was a little unsure of Evan when we first came back from China, but she quickly accepted her. Just recently she's been spending time in Evan's room while Evan goes to sleep.
About 4 months ago we found out that Meko had cancer and confirmation the she had pretty severe arthritis. In my mind I thought we'd have until the Spring with her. I even thought that this past Monday. Thursday night/early Friday morning Mike and I discovered that the cancer had progressed faster than we'd imagined and realized Meko was extremely miserable. We checked Evan out of school early and spent a little time together. Mike and I were concerned at how Evan would take it. Of course, she started sobbing uncontrollably when we told her what was about to happen. I held her as we both sobbed while petting Meko. Evan misses her but has not been upset since Friday. Mike and I have had a harder time. We love and miss you, Meko!
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Evan absolutely loves Daisy. She carries her around the whole time she's at Keri's You'd think this little dog would run and hide, but she comes back for more!
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Weekend without Mom and Dad

Evan got to go to Houston with MiMi and PaPa the weekend after Thanksgiving. She had a great time with them, Uncle Keri, Aunt Jamie, Madison & Chandler. She got a huge inflatable ball for her birthday from Unle Keri and the girls. She was nervous to rdie down the hill, so she made Keri pinky promise that she would not roll into the street and into traffic or into the lake. Her hair apparently was filled with static electricity, but she refused to let anyone take a picture of it - vain little girl. She always loves spending time with Uncle Keri!
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