Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Krewe of Aesclepius Parade at the Boardwalk

Mardi Gras season is finally over! We decided to go to one last parade where Evan got to meet one of her heroes - Dippin Dots! This parade was not nearly as much fun as Sunday's because it was in a bit more confined space, but Evan still caught some stuff. I ended up with laryngitis, so I couldn't help her yell "Throw me somethin', Mister!" Mike headed over to Copeland's Cheescake Bistro just before the parade ended to get us a table. So, we ended the Mardi Gras season appropriately - eating at a New Orleans-based restaurant. Until next year....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

After the Show ....

We took more pictures. We have an annual pic Maggie & I love to get which is the dads with daughters on their shoulders. This is probably the last year we can make them do it - I'm not sure if it is because the girls are getting so big or the dads are getting old!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

I hope I spelled it right. Let the good times roll! We went to the Highland Children's Mardi Gras parade this afternoon. It is known as the craziest Mardi Gras parade in the area due to its throws. You have the traditional beads, dubloons, candy, stuffed animals, etc, but they also throw hot dogs and Spam sandwiches. You don't have to fight a lot of traffic, either. We love it! We always meet our friends Paul, Maggie, and Sara Oberle on their office lot and do a lot of catching up. Sara and Evan love playing with each other, but unfortunately, we are bad parents and only get together once a year. The girls danced in the street and had a fabulous time! Although we caught a ton of beads, they only like to wear a few strands at a time. They can get very heavy, though.

Tacking Up Tiger

Mike worked the Mardi Gras parade yesterday on horseback. Evan got to help him tack up Tiger and then they rode around the barn a little. Evan loves to ride horses.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Remembering Gotcha Day

It is so hard to believe that we first met Evan 4 years ago today! Most of this week we have been talking about the days leading up to our first meeting and our first few days as a family. This year Evan really got interested in the DVD of our first few days together, especially our first few minutes together. I'd forgotten how little she was. Although not a newborn, she was really an infant at 15 months old. She was quite affection almost from the beginning and bonded very quickly. We will be forever grateful to her brave birthmother for risking being caught while watching over Evan until someone 'found' her. We are especially grateful that she chose to give her life. What a special person she must be because she gave birth to a very special little girl. If you don't believe me, just ask her grandparents! We love you, Evan!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

That's My Man!

The Mardi Gras parades started this weekend. Since Mike usually works the two main ones (both on Saturdays), we usually go to one that is more family and children oriented. I hate to fight the traffic and crowds without him. The past few years he has ridden with Mounted and really enjoyed it. He loves those horses and will take Evan to the barn frequently to pet them and give them treats. She loves it! Thanks, Julie, for sending me this pic!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet Smile

We have a very hard time getting Evan to smile genuinely on demand, so I tried to snap one today. She kept moving and messing it up, but I finally got the perfect picture. Look at that dimple! We see it often, it's just not often documented.

A Friend's Birthday Party

Evan got to ride a miniature horse at her friend Madison's birthday party this morning. I was so proud of her because she remembered how to mount it eventhough it's been about a year since the last time she rode. Her hair was still full of the hairspray and product John Paule used yesterday that we curled it again and got some body.

Afternoon of Pampering

For Christmas Mike gave me an afternoon at the spa. I have not had a chance to use it, so we decided to give the same thing to Evan for Valentine's Day and go together. While I got a massage, facial and makeover, Evan had a mani/pedi, hair wash and style, and makeup application. What a fantastic afternoon! I cannot believe it has taken me um, uh, thirty-something years to do this. Mom, we're going to have to do this together sometime! John Paule did Evan's hair and makeup and was an absolute hoot! He actually got Evan's hair to curl, and after she got over the pain from his having to pull her hair, she loved it. We are now searching for the perfect product to help us curl her hair.
John Paule did a great job on Evan's makeup but mine was scary. It was so thick, and I had quite a bit of black underneath my eyes. He supposedly does makeup for a lot of the Hollywood movies being shot around here, but I looked several shades darker than usual and oily. After we met Mike for dinner, Evan & I headed to the grocery store completely forgetting about what I looked like. We ran in to a few people I know who must be wondering which corner I was working.

Our Sweet Valentine

For Valentine's yesterday, Evan's class went to a nursing home and gave out handmade Valentine's cards. Evan said they had such a good time. I met them back at her school for the party - which is always kind of chaotic, but I'm glad I get to attend some of them. As usual, BFF Kassi and Bella always make for a good picture. Chase is a little boy that these girls all love! He is the cutest, sweetest thing! His older sister takes gymnastics in a class that is held simultaneously with Evan's class. We usually go early so that Evan and Chase have time to play, and so I can get the scoop on Chase from his mom. He tells his mom that he thinks Evan is pretty, and he is always going back to her classroom after he leaves to give her a hug. He brought her her very first 'real' Valentine yesterday. They were so cute about it that of course I HAD to take a picture. Chase's mom said it took a while for him to find the perfect little puppy to give her because he wanted it to have hugs & kisses on it. I don't think I got my first 'real' Valentine until I was 8!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Joys of Motherhood

Evan & I had some errands to run today after Mike left for work. She'd been playing in her Super Evie costume and decided she wanted to wear it around town. Trying to only say no when there is a good reason, I decided to let her. What could it hurt? Our first item on the list was to get a pedicure for me and a manicure for her. After Lily finished her nails, she asked Evan if she had money to pay her (Lily always does her nails complimentary). Evan said she didn't but Mommy did. There was a guy working with Lily today who started joking with her. He told her that either she needed to pay or she would have to come paint this other lady's toenails. Evan again said no. He then said he would call the cops. This is when Evan said, quite matter-of-factly, "My dad is a policeman." I don't think she meant it to sound like 'Just try it. I have connections', but it sure sounded like it. It was very funny!
Everywhere we went we got comments like 'How cute'. She had to take her Build-A-Bear with its matching Superman costume, so it was kind of hard NOT to notice her. In Target a girl about 10 years old came up to her and asked why she was dressed like she was. Evan simply said "Because I wanted to." You can't argue with that!
What fun motherhood is!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

100th Day of School

Today was Evan's 100th day of school celebration. I have never understood what was so special about the 100th day of school - why not the 95th day of school? Last night as Evan was counting out her 10 piles of 10 Honey-Nut Cheerios it dawned on me. She has just learned how to count to 100 by 10s! She did a great job with no help! Each child brought 100 objects to glue onto their paper to reinforce the counting. Since Mardi Gras season is heating up, they went to the Mardi Gras Museum afterwards. They made masks, got beads, looked at the floats and got to meet the King and Queen of one of the Krewes. We cannot wait to go to the Children's Mardi Gras parade in a few weeks. There are a ton of throws (sometimes even Spam sandwiches and hot dogs) and lots of fun!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Brownhog Day!!!

Don't you just love the things children say??? As Evan gets older, I seem to hear fewer and fewer of these cute sayings. Yesterday she came home from school saying the Brownhog saw his shadow. When I asked her what that meant, she said that it would be cold for 6 more days. So, she kind of gets the whole Punxatawny Phil deal. Anyway, Happy Groundhog Day!