Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Birthday Pictures

Eventhough the theme was the Oscar's, Evan had to have a Ben 10 cake from Baskin-Robbins. She got some great gifts and had a wonderful time.
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Evan's Fake 6th Birthday

For Evan's birthday, we had a day at the Oscar's. We had the girls dress up as whatever character they wanted and then went to the movies. (I forgot to get a picture of all the girls together.) We came back to the house where they each got their very own Oscar.
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Christmas Picture Day

I am so glad that the school schedules several picture days throughout the year so we don't have to schedule it on our own anymore. They do a decent job and have pretty good backgrounds, too. Since Evan wears uniforms to school most days, it is always a treat to see her in some of the cute clothes I've bought her.
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Light Night

The Monday after Halloween, Legacy held their annual Light Night. Each class creates a pumpkin display to be judged. We did a Mardi Gras float complete with a King Cake, dubloons, beads and masks. The children did a great job! They also have carnival-like booths. We had a great time!
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The Elephant

Evan's teacher brought in a small stuffed elephant to let one student take home for the night. She has a certain question each day she earmarks as the elephant question. Evan gave the answer to the number of tens in 100.