Thursday, February 24, 2011

The 100th Day of School

Evan and I made a shirt with 100 gems glued on INDIVIDUALLY for her 100th day of school. I thought we did a pretty good job and were creative. Can you imagine how shocked I was to find out that the class winner just cut 100 holes in his shirt. Seriously?

Honors Assembly

Evan is such a good student! For the past nine weeks, she got perfect attendance, A Honor roll, and she met her Advanced Reading goal. She is such a perfectionist, though, that she gets upset if she misses a problem or question on a test. She's only in the first grade - it might be a long 11 years until graduation!!
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Sydney Lou Who

We spend 1 1/2 hours at the girls' gym every Thursday night for gymnastics. There is a ball pit that Sydney plays in while we wait for her class to start. Mike put this ball in her hoodie one night, so Sydney now wants to walk around like this each week.

Frosty the Miniature Snowman

If you look closely, you can see their snowman. Believe it or not, it stood for about 2 days!

Evan and Chloe

You can barely see Chloe, but she so enjoyed the snow, too. Evan used Chloe for snowball target practice. They played so hard, Chloe crashed as soon as she came inside.

A Snow Day

So we didn't get that much snow, but the Department of Homeland Security (no kidding) demanded that schools close for our little dusting of snow. The girls absolutely loved it, though! They played, made a snowman and ate chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven with a side of hot chocolate.

New Year's Eve

SO, you probably can't tell what's going on in this picture. Just before midnight on New Year's we began lighting fireworks. One was a parachute that landed in the backyard. About 10 minutes later we noticed a perfect ring of fire. We now have a spot in the backyard that should be really green this summer!

Tree Climbers

We are so proud of Evan because she plays so well with Sydney. They love to play outside. One day as I looked out the window, I realized how much we take for granted. Of course Sydney is still so young, but she had never climbed a tree. Evan loves to climb trees, Sydney loves to copy Evan, so Sydney loves to climb trees. Of course, she got scared when she tried to get down and got pretty stuck.
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Sheriff McConnell

On January 11th, Mike made his decision to run for Bossier Parish Sheriff official. He had quite a showing and made a great speech. He got so carried away that he almost forgot to introduce me and the girls. Sydney started getting restless, so I let her down, and she made her way up on stage with her arms outstretched. It was the perfect segue into the introduction.

We knew that the announcement would start the harrassment from the current Sheriff and his cronies. Like clockwork, a deputy came to our door the very next day. Apparently someone called in a complaint on us because we had Chloe staked out in the front yard. Unbelievable! Several administrators live in our subdivision and pass our house to get home. All we can assume is that one of them called just to be petty. Let the adventure begin!