Saturday, January 31, 2009

Arts on Fire

Mike had to work all day and I just couldn't bear staying home, so Evan and I went to Arts on Fire where you can paint your object of choice and leave it to be fired. We initially went to try to find something to paint for Mike for Valentine's Day, but then she saw a horse. It is supposed to be a pink horse with a red mane. It turned out pretty cute, but we can't wait to see what it looks like after it's been fired! Good work, Evan!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy New Year! (Chinese, that is)

After the bagpipe concert, we ran to the Chinese New Year celebration. Chinese New Year starts on Monday and lasts 2 weeks. In China, you can enjoy fantastic fireworks every night during this time. We met at a local baptist church that has a pretty big Chinese Ministry. They are always so kind to invite our Chinese adoption group to the festivities. We have only been once before and did not get to stay very long. Since Evan is getting older and better able to understand Chinese New Year, we stayed for most of the program. There were about 10 tables set up where you could make dumplings. I don't know how many we made, but there were a ton! Evan did a great job stuffing and folding them! They brought in a bunch of Chinese food from a local restaurant to go along with the dumplings. After dinner they had a talent show. It was really cool to see the amazing talent some of these children possess - let's just say it was quite a bit better than some of the talent shown at our ward Christmas party. Anyway, a Kung Fu group gave their presentation and then had the Lion Dance - the traditional part of the CNY parade. At the end, red envelopes were handed out to the children. During CNY parents and grandparents give children red envelopes with money inside to symbolize wealth and prosperity in the new year. Evan got a half dollar and was so excited!! We had a great time and are finally ready for the Year of the Ox. Bring it on!

Bagpipe Concert

Mike and Alfred,his bagpipe teacher, are preparing for competition (Mike's first) the end of February, so Alfred held a concert at Karpeles Musuem. Alfred Mike and Seth (Alfred's brother) played for about 2 hours. They did a great job! Mike has been playing at funerals (kind of creepy to think about, I know) for a few months which has really boosted his confidence, so I think he's ready to compete. Alfred hosts these concerts every few months always makes Haggus or some sort of traditional Scottish fare to go along with it. Apparently I'd starved Evan
to the point that she couldn't get enough of the Haggus! It's actually pretty good - it's just hard to get past the horrible sounding name. She kept wanting to wear Mike's Glengarry (hat, beret, etc???) along with her Chinese outfit because it would look so cute! What can I say, she still has a lot of 'tomboy' in her.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Evan's New Room

We have finally taken down the crib and changing table in Evan's room - couldn't get rid of the rocking chair, though. We've kept it all in there in hopes that Sydney would come soon. Well, Evan has been wanting bunk beds, so we decided to get them and take the baby stuff out. She is 5 years old afterall! I will gladly put the crib back together whenever needed. Besides, doesn't Murphy's Law state that as soon as we put away the baby stuff we will need it again??? I'm even playing with the idea of giving it away. Buying new baby furniture would be a welcome problem if that meant Sydney were close behind!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow! Can you believe it is already 2009? 2008 has been so busy and quite stressful for our little family that we are eating our black-eyed peas today - not in the traditional way, though. We are grilling steaks and having Texas caviar (black-eyed pea salsa). Here's hoping that does the trick!
We spent New Year's Eve with with our friends Billy, Julie and their girls. Julie and I have been wanting to have a fondue party, and we finally got it! We had a great time! We had steak with a yummy Bernaise sauce, supreme pizza fondue that turned out scrumptious, and chocolate fondue that added a few pounds to each of us! That's OK, though, because we played wii fit afterwards. I was afraid Julie would video me looking retarded for her blog. That just shows what a good friend she is because no videos were taken.
Bailee and Kassie taught Evan the 'Firecracker' rap that was really cute. (see video) I can't believe how some things stay around forever! I remember doing that!
At midnight the girls banged pots and pans to wish our great neighbors a Happy New Year since it was too chilly for fireworks. Then they made their New Year's toasts. Apparently Evan leads a very sheltered life because after taking a drink, she asked Miss Julie if she was supposed to put her drink down on a piece of toast.